Adhesives and Coatings for Paper


HeiQ ChemTex offers water- and starch-based adhesives for the paper industry, developed to meet specific application requirements, including:

  • “Quick tack” / Open time
  • Minimizing moisture in board
  • Low cost
  • Viscosity stability at ambient temperature
  • Ability to paste hot or cold board

Most HeiQ ChemTex adhesives for the paper industry are starch-based for use in laminated media. We also provide PVA-based adhesives.

Our newest products are for foam applications. These products enable you to minimize usage while achieving excellent placement on the sheet.

Paper Board Coatings

HeiQ ChemTex’ paper coatings are engineered to meet specific requirements, including:

  • Strength: wet and dry
  • Surfaces: slick and rough
  • FDA standards
  • Moisture resistance
  • Porosity standards
  • Printability
  • Colors
  • Stiffness

HeiQ ChemTex systems have been applied to various substrates, including:

  • Cartons: Milk, beer, soft drink
  • Temporary license plates
  • Gift boxes
  • Game boards and puzzles
  • Displays
  • Construction paper
  • Picture mats and coin collection books
  • Paper matches
  • Tubes/cores

Surface Coatings

Automated handling equipment in the paper industry requires specific surface characteristics for efficient operation. Surface tension and porosity must be within specific limits for a particular piece of equipment to function effectively. HeiQ ChemTex’ surface coating products are engineered to meet these specifications on an individual basis.

Chemtex DF-132 was developed for use in the printing of textiles to “hold the mark” or eliminate “feathered edges” in printed patterns. It enables sharp lines between colors in a multi-color print pattern such as camouflage.
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